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Specializing in insurance Mid-Term rental strategies, we give you the keys to unlock a lucrative sector of real estate investment that until now was only known by the select few.

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Welcome to Vetted Homes! If you’re here, you’ve probably heard something about mid-term housing rentals, and maybe even INSURANCE mid-term rentals. We have specialized in insurance MTRs since 2016 and in the last few years we have held hands with other homeowners as they too have transitioned from long-term or short-term rentals into insurance MTRs. We can not personally mentor everyone who asks us—but we wish we could—so, we created this community.

We’re excited you’re here, and we’re excited to share our knowledge and experience with you so that you can join us in becoming a standout mid-term housing solution for people who are in desperate need of insurance MTRs—and to do so in such a way that it’s a win-win-win for everyone involved!


Get connected with our community of entrepreneurs growing, learning, and testing new ideas


We’ll share the knowledge, resources, and strategies we’ve gathered over several years with you


We’ll get you connected in our network of “Vetted Homes“ to boost your bookings

In our community, we will share with you all the good stuff— the knowledge, resources, and strategies we have gathered over the course of several years and hundreds of bookings which have generated ourselves—and those we have helped—millions of dollars in mid-term rental revenue while affording us the ability to break out of the daily grind, and: the freedom to prioritize family time, travel frequently, and work remotely. We’ll also share the bad and ugly of MTR, so you can know exactly what you’re getting into, what your up-front and continual costs may be, the truth about vacancy, so you can glean from our many mistakes and trials, and be well-prepared when bad gets worse.

Success Stories

We have been consulting with Kellie for well over two years and the results speak for themselves! Our rental income has grown substantially which has enabled us to reinvest in our properties, enhancing their appearance and value. Renting to mid-term tenants has resulted in less wear and tear so our overall maintenance costs are down! And finally, we just enjoy working with Kellie. She is a fountain of wisdom and encouragement as we endeavor to upgrade the quality of our tenants’ experience, expand our network, and enhance our bottom line.

Edgar and Lauri

California homeowners

The passive income we have made far exceeds our expectations, and we attribute this largely to Vetted Homes. The content in the course modules was instrumental in helping us to be so successful in many ways - assessing the need for housing in our area and comparing it to other available properties; how to make our property stand out from the rest; deciding if our property was in a good location; marketing our property; furnished vs. unfurnished; and how to negotiate and finalize a rental contract. Drawing from the knowledge, expertise and experience of Vetted Homes with iMTRs has helped us turn our property from ordinary to extraordinary resulting in a significant increase in our rental revenue. And, being a member of the Vetted Homes community is like having a registered trademark as a “superior property.” We would strongly encourage anyone new to the rental business or seasoned professionals who want to enjoy a substantial increase to their rental revenue to trust in Vetted Homes!

Thomas and Frances

California homeowners

You made it all possible for us and gave us the courage to embrace the adventure!!! Words can’t express how grateful we are!!


Montana homeowner

After working closely with the team at Vetted Homes for over 3 years, our family has seen incredible results and can not thank them enough. We have maintained a 75% occupancy rate through the life of our rental, which has provided greater financial freedom and allowed us to pursue new opportunities that we never thought we’d be able to. The support provided by the Vetted Homes team is invaluable. Whether it has been marketing, sharing insights, or adapting to new situations, the team and community of Vetted Homes has provided consistent encouragement and we couldn’t have done it without them. We are so thankful for Vetted Homes and highly recommend anyone join the amazing community they have formed.

Brendon & Miranda


If you’re ready to join a full-transparency and down-to-earth MTR community, we are some of the most experienced and heartfelt players in this sector, and we’re excited to prep, equip, and partner with you on your journey! Share some basic information with us and we’ll see you soon!

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